Dreaming in 3/4 time


Or at least 3/4 of the night.  I was so busy in my dream world last night I woke up exhausted.  I find dreams to be a rich parallel universe.  A whole other world where everything is something else and nothing is as it seems.  Yet when I pay attention, listen, consider, and remember, I often find I have received an important message or learned something new and interesting.

Last night I dreamt I was house sitting for a friend.  I heard a tapping on the window.  I walked over to see what was causing the noise.  There in the window sill was a big, black crow tap, tapping its beak on the windowpane.  It flew a short distance.  It didn’t seem startled.  Was it leading me?  I walked to the next window, curious.  There was a small flock of crows I could see from the next window.  Even in my dream I thought, “Wow, how unusual.  I wonder if that means something?”

Does it mean something?  I have often dreamt of owls.  Over the past 3 years, whenever a particular sort of person has appeared in my life, so have owls.  The sort of person that appears on the surface to be a good thing and who ultimately is quite the opposite.  Once I catch on to the person’s true nature and shoo them from my life, the owls disappear too.

The first time it took me a year to catch on.  Owls literally swooping over my head, flying alongside as I would go for a run, perched atop power poles when I glanced up.  Owls in my dreams, singing to me, staring at me through my windows.  It was clearly not the norm.  I started to investigate totem animals, why they appear and what they mean.  There was no question owl was my new totem animal.  The owl represents wisdom and the ability to see beyond.  To see through the dark, beyond facades and appearances to see what lies beneath, what’s really there.  After a year-long tumultuous relationship, I asked the person to leave, but I was sad the owls left too.  No more sightings, no more dreams.  They just disappeared.  Honestly I felt a little betrayed.

Fast forward 8 months.  I met someone new.  Someone I was really excited about.  The owls immediately reappeared starting with an overhead swoop by a Barn Owl.  I was walking to a picnic table at a group campsite when something caused me to look up.  Not 6 feet above my head a silent form  floated over and melted into the trees.  I was thrilled.  They were back!  I started to notice that every time I was about to have an interaction with this new person an owl would appear.  Every time.  Not once in a while.  Every time.  In a dream, in a painting, hooting outside my window at night.  I mentioned it to a friend.  It was uncanny.  I started to see inconsistencies in this person’s behavior and words.  Stories started to filter in from acquaintances or friends that this person might have a little monogamy problem.  Sigh.  As much as I didn’t want it to be true, there was no denying something was up.  The red flags were waving, my intuition was ringing its alarm bells.  And owl showed up in one form or another everytime he did.  More reading, more thinking, more talking to those wiser than I led me to the conclusion that owl is a messanger and a guardian.  “Look further.  Look past what you want to see.  See what’s really here.”  I bowed out of the situation.  Ok, I wasn’t that graceful.  I just stopped returning phone calls.  The owls immediately disappeared again.  I haven’t seen or heard one since.

So who is crow?  I did a little poking around before work this morning while I sipped my coffee.  There is much symbolism surrounding crow, some of it conflicting, but one theme seems to stand out.  “There are a variety of birds you could dream about, but it is very unique and unusual to dream about a crow.”  “Most people will go their entire life and never dream of a crow.” “It is seen in dreams very rarely.” “Crows are quite an uncommon dream symbol.”  My interest was piqued.

Across the board, crow is a symbol for intelligence and intuition.  It also is a harbinger of death.  Depending on the culture, so is owl.  In modern days, we don’t consider death to be literal, but rather symbolic of big change.  Considering that I have designated this winter one for a symbolic hibernation, a time for wondering, introspection, and digging deep, I was pleased to find the following:  “The crow generally represents your overall power to manifest the things you have been working on in your life.”  “Crow means trust the decisions you have been making recently.”  Crow is on my radar and I’m interested to see if anything more comes of it.

A final note and a nod to the joys of Chinese-English translation.  “If you have a dream in which you see a crow, it is because you are about to experience death or you have just gone through death.  (And you’re still reading this?  Fascinating!)  Try not to think about it or you will end up killing yourself.  Not actually speaking of course, but more metaphorically speaking.”  Is that like the kitchen knife sold with the warning, “Keep out of children”?

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