Blue Skies Smilin’ at Me

Nothin’ but blue skies do I see!  I have just put down the plans I was drawing up for an ark. Lo and behold!  The sky!  It really does still exist.  This will go down in the books as a winter to remember.  Mud slides, power outages, trees down, roads closed, sink holes, fording streams where once there was asphalt…these have become daily occurences this winter in Santa Cruz county.  I guess somebody somewhere heard us complaining about a drought or something and decided to open the faucet.

Speaking of arks, a local Aptos icon, the cement ship looks like it may be faring about as well as the Advocate tree.  The cement ship (officially called the S.S. Palo Alto) was built as an oil tanker in Oakland by the San Francisco Shipbuilding Company and launched on May 29, 1919.  She sat unused for over ten years in the San Francisco Bay until she was purchased by The Seacliff Amusement Company and towed to Aptos, CA.  At nearly 100 years old, the cement ship has become a part of the local landscape and is featured on t-shirts, magnets, and various knick knacks.  As a kid I enjoyed walking out to the end of the ship while breathing through my mouth to avoid inhaling the eau de seal and bird crap.  This winter’s poundings appear to have been too much for her and here she is below, broken in half and tipping over.

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I went for a jog down at the beach today partly to see the sun again, partly to stretch my legs after being trapped indoors during all the storms, and partly just to be a big, fat looky loo.  I liked this little message some Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farms left for us.IMG_5205


But the truth is sometimes you need more than love, you actually need a backhoe.  Or a fronthoe.  Or whatever that is.  What happened to the beach anyway?  I brought my towel and everything.

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While at work last week, I was updating a coworker on my various power outages and the state of my road.  It’s turned into a Super Slalom course.  Rather than remove down trees or fix places where the road has fallen into the creek, the county thoughtfully puts up saw horses. True, now you won’t accidentally drive into the creek or into a down tree in the middle of the night, but in order to avoid all the saw horses and car swallowing pot holes, you have to dodge into the lane of oncoming traffic.  I think those squirrely county workers are actually hiding in the bushes giggling and pointing at all the drivers zig zagging down the middle of the road.  Much like the dentist when they wait until they have your mouth propped open with sharp, shiny tools and then ask you lots of questions.

My coworker said that it must be time for me to move and that she would keep an ear open.  I know she meant well, but why would I move?  Yes, country living has its inconveniences, but there is something I like about it.  I guess it makes me feel like I’m part of my world and still influenced by things like the weather.  It makes me feel more connected to the seasons and the cycles of nature and place.  I guess living in a home in town would be easier but I don’t think I like being totally insulated from Mother Nature and her whims.  Seems to me that I’ll stay put out here in my little cabin in the woods.

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