That’s a Good Sign


I wish I had thought to start collecting these at the start of my travels.  Odd signage is always good fun while abroad.  Sonia saw an ice cream cart in France that stated “Come Taste the Best Glasses in Town!”  In Stansted Airport in London, I saw a bag of food labeled “Pork Scratchers” and a medicine for “Chesty Cough”.


You  too can become slim by eating buckets of french fries.

IMG_8683 (1)

This wine wasn’t half bad but the real reason I bought it was because it was a “silber” medal winner.



Ok, now that’s just creepy.



Hello, sign circa 1962.  I don’t believe I would trust this person to cut my hair OR give me a tatoo.  Or a fake mole.


Sorry, I didn’t catch that.  Which street was I supposed to turn left on?

Just read the signs.  You can’t go wrong!

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