An Egg-cellent Experience

These sandals are hard to walk in.  A couple times they went shooting off my feet and skidding across the pavement!  It’s easier without the socks.


After onsen-hopping and soaking till I was perfectly pruney, I had worked up an appetite.  In Kinosaki, one can experience a unique culinary experience called the “onsen egg”.  First you pick your bag of 3 or 5 eggs from the kiosk.

Which one to choose…

Then, you gently lower your eggs into the hot spring water and tie it to the lattice provided just for the occasion.


Set your watch timer.  The Japanese like raw food and 11 minutes makes for a warm but still raw egg.  16 minutes was a cooked, soft-boiled egg, more to my liking.  As you are waiting for your egg to cook, there is a shallow hot springs pool to soak your feet in.  There were a couple teenagers there at the foot soak and I assumed they would be like your typical American teenagers, ingnoring me at best or rolling their eyes and making snotty comments at worst.  Wrong!  I set my purse on the ground and the boy quickly jumped up and moved their belongings aside and lifted my purse to the bench.  I also hadn’t brought a towel and the girl offered me hers to dry my feet.  Over and over, the Japanese have proven themselves to be above and beyond curteous and kind.


Once your egg is cooked, there is a table with a special holder so it doesn’t roll away.


Next, you attack your egg with these crazy shark mouth scissors.  My egg kept squirting away and a kind stranger did it for me.


This is what it’s supposed to look like next.  Sprinkle with a bit of salt…


And enjoy with the tiny wooden spoon provided!


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