Ode to an Apple Tree

Last year, working in health care with all that Covid entailed, left me with little desire or inspiration to write. However, this morning as I was motoring down a rural road to buy eggs at a local farm, a gnarled and apparently dead apple tree caught my eye. Assuming it dead, it didn’t register until I had whizzed by and caught a flash of red. I was so taken by it that I did a U-turn to have another look. Two shiny apples were clinging to the last viable branch. I felt like the apple tree had a message so I thought I’d put it down.

I may be old and alone,

Most of my branches withered and fallen away,

My bark cracked and peeling,

But so long as you let me cling to this bit of dusty soil next to the road,

Whether or not anyone notices,

I will continue to offer up my gifts,

Such as they are.

7 thoughts on “Ode to an Apple Tree

  1. I LOVE this ode to an apple tree. I have so missed your writing, Krista! Thank you for noticing that little apple tree. I hope it is okay for me to share this with some of my friends!


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