Hi there.  My name is Krista and I’m glad you could visit my blog.  I’ve been looking for an outlet to share my stories and thoughts.  Friends and family have encouraged me to write a book, but I don’t know how to begin.  I do have a lot of stories.  Books require a theme or a thread to unite.  But not a blog!  And so I launch my thoughts and stories (and photos from my iPhone) out into the great unknown.

Thus far in life, I’ve chosen a slightly different path than most.  I’ve made a conscious decision not to have a traditional home or have children.  I come from a family of travelers.  My grandfather used to bring us trinkets from his world travels.  He was a retired Air Force Colonel and traveled on space available military planes.  He once packed a bag for Greece and woke up in Alaska as the plane had been diverted en route.  My parents live in an RV by choice.  My brother is a pilot.  Over the holidays, my sister in law was struggling to get my 4 year old nephew to eat his eggs.  “Gavin!” she threatened, “Do you want to go to Korea or not?”  Gavin vigorously nodded.  “Then eat your eggs.  No eggs, no Korea.”  Gavin ate his eggs.  How many 4 year olds would be induced to eat eggs by the offer of a trip to Korea?  Me thinks the wandering gene has already been passed on…

But all of this go going does leave me with some questions.  Do I belong?  Where?  Who is my tribe?  Will I ever find someone who wants to pack a bag and go with me?  What is home and where do I find it?

Please join me as I ponder life, love, home, the dream world, adventures, what lies beneath the surface and Tupperware parties.  Just kidding.  About the last part.